Electric Torsion And Twist Machine,NSL-18

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Product Description

Electric Torsion And Twist Machine
The so-called NSL--18Type Two-In-One Torsion And Twist Machine is made on the basis of the 
original electric torsion and twist machine body on which a mechanism is installed used in twisting 
flower basket, and the flower basket twisting mechanism can be exchanged with the tailstock of the
 original torsion and twist machine. Take apart the stretching slide guide of the torsion and twist 
tailstock, then push on the flower basket mechanism and connect it with the original power outlet 
to twist flower basket. If we replace the flower basket mechanism with the torsion and twist tailstock, 
we can twist pretzel shape again. Therefore the machine can twist not only pretzel shape but also
 flower basket (bird cage). As a two-in-one functional (twisting flower basket and bird cage) machine,
 it includes all the functions and properties of the original electric torsion and twist machine, and can 
twist maximum 25x25mm square steel and 40x80mm flat iron into pretzel shape. The flower mechanism 
can be used to produce 6x6mm, 7x7mm and 8x8mm square steel parts, as well as dia.6mm and dia.8mm 
round steel flower baskets. The client can also order flower basket twisting mechanism of other 
specifications from our company according to the product requirement, such as ordering the flower 
basket twisting mechanism that can process maximum four 12x12mm strand basket (bird cage) of king 
size. The flower basket mechanism is fixed simply, and can be operated efficiently and easily. The
 finished products have uniform shapes and canonical sizes, thus the baskets are made with delicate 
appearance, up to the export requirement and international standard. This machine is the absolutely 
necessary equipment in iron craftwork industry. If the client needs to twist 800mm length pretzel 
shape, the detachable machine body can be purchased additionally. 
Model NSL-18
Pretzel Twisting Ability Length:200-800mm;Specification<=25mm x 25mm
Processing Flower Basket Material Size Square steel:6x6mm,7x7mm,8x8mm;
  Round steel:dia.6mm,dia.8mm
Quantity At One Time Processing <=8mm 4 bars
Basic Shaft Rotation Speed Fast speed: 12.6 r/min;Slow 
  speed: 10 r/min(Slow speed for pretzel twisting)
Electric Motor Performance  Power: 3 KW;Electric voltage:220V/380V;
  Frequency: 50HZ;Rated current: 6A
1.The NSL--18Type (Two-In-One) Torsion And Twist Machine is made with all the performances 
and properties of the original machine.
2.The flower basket processing mechanism is installed in the original electric torsion and twist
 machine, and uses its holster and dynamic power parts. For this machine we have added the
important flower basket (bird cage) twisting function, but the price has increased not much, thus let
the client cost less and benefit more.
3.It can produce 6x6mm, 7x7mm and 8x8mm four-strand flower baskets, as well as a kind of eight-strand
flower basket. The standard flower basket is usually made with the 150mm, 170m m and 210mm long 
materials.The client can change the length according to the need to get the baskets of different shapes.
4.The flower basket processing mechanism is made with the following properties: rational design, 
convenient operation and high efficiency, and it can produce 500-600 baskets per shift.
5.The products produced by this mechanism have the following advantages: uniform shape,
canonical size, and standard and beautiful basket body, up to the export requirement.
ExternalDimension: length x width x height=1400mm x 620mm x 1100mm
NetWeight: 600
GrossWeight: 650

Export Markets︰ Europe,Asia,Middle-east
Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C
Ship Date︰ 7dyas

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