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Product Catalog 


Multifunction wrought iron machine,NSL-16

Model No.︰NSL-16
Brand Name︰SHOOT
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
Multifunction wrought iron machine
This machine is the special equipment for cold rolling of forging materials, which are used for iron 
craftwork production. We can employ the machine for the cold working and production of 
embossment products of various specifications: flat iron, square steel and square tube. The maximum 
embossment products that the machine can process include: 60x60mm square tube, 50x8mm flat steel 
and 25x25mm square steel. Its advent breaks through the forging material monopolization of imported
 equipment, and it can convert mediocre into miracle only by rolling and thus the common steel
 products become super sectional materials. The machine has established the way for the high-grade 
iron craftwork "forging iron work piece" popularization, and met the dire market need of high-grade 
iron craftwork materials; accordingly it will yield very good social returns. The machine can process 
embossed and indented flat iron materials by cold rolling.
With the machine there are 5 kinds of attachment dies:
8(6)x50mm large grape and large wave edge, 8(6)x40mm repousse double-dashed chrysanthemum,
 8(6)x40mm double-line water wave edge, 8(6)x30mm repousse sea wave pattern, 8(6)x30mm flat large 
wave edge 
There are additionally 32 kinds of dies for selective matching, each costs 200USD
Model NSL-16
WorkingAbility Flat iron <=8mmx50mm
Square steel  <=25mmx25mm
Square tube  <=60mmx60mm
ColdRollingSpeedPerHour 270m/h
ElectricMotorPerformance Power: 5.5kw (class 6) Electric voltage: 220V/380V 
  Frequence: 50HZ
1.The machine is made with modularization composite structure and reasonably designed with 
advanced technique.
2. For the machine we adopt double-line cycloidal pinwheel two-speed reduction box, therefore it
can operate stably and reliably.
3.The machine has reliably set performance and rational and moderate speed per hour so as to
guarantee the rolled products having distinct and aesthetic veining.
4.The machine has very good synthetic mechanical working properties, and it designed with
 levelling and strengthening mechanism.
5.We adopt both manual operated control and foot (pedal) switch, so the machine can be operated
conveniently and reliably.
6.It has large working range with the working dimension up to 60mmx60mm tube materials.
7.Having high production efficiency, the machine can roll 5 Tons of 8mmx50mm flat iron.
8.The dies can be replaced conveniently and rapidly.Our Company can design and produce many
kinds of dies for customer selection, and we can also assist the clients in die designing and producing.
ExternalDimension lengthxwidthxheight=1920mmx640mmx1300mm
NetWeight 1180kgs
GrossWeight 1300kgs
Export Markets︰Europe,Asia,Middle-east
Payment Details︰T/T,L/C
Ship Date︰10days
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