• Sample Availability & Policy
    We can supply a sample machine for you to test, but you need to pay all costs, including machine's cost, shipping cost and customs cost.

  • Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions
    One year

  • Export/Import Processing Support
    We supply high-quality machine products for our clients, we deliver machine on time according to the sales contract. If the clients have other requirements, please ask us to help you.

  • After Sales Service
    After the clients order our machines, we supply free support for one year. If the clients have questions, we can reply in 24 hours.
  • Prototyping
    We have the expertise for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and tooling design etc..
    We can transform your drawing into a sample in a few weeks. If you don't have a drawing, send us a sample. We can measure your sample accurately, convert the data into 3D models or 2D drawings. We will forward the drawings for your approval and prototype according to the drawings.

    Our combined facilities enable us to machine products to your standards. We utilize CNC equipment to make complex and high tolerance products

    We do many types of assembling. This will allow you to purchase a finished product rather than just a component.

    Quality Control
    Our inspectors test the products we sell for durability, accuracy and performance. We sell only quality products that meet or exceed your standards.
  • FAQ:

    1. Where you ship?
    We ship worldwide to all the major ports and then transport by train or truck to your warehouse or the trucking terminals in your area. For special orders, we ship by airfreight or by express mail service through FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT etc.
    2. What is the approximate shipping time?
    Express mail service like UPS, FedEx takes less than a week. We work closely with the shipping companies for the shortest delivery time.

    3. What is the payment method?
    We prefer irrevocable letter of credit. Telegraphic transfer is also accepted.

    4. How will we handle quality issues?
    Should there be defects in materials and workmanship, we will refund you with replacements from next delivery. We are not responsible for consequential damages resulted from these defects.

    5. How do you pack?
    We pack in heavy duty corrugated cartons or wooden crates and then strapped to pallets or steel pallets. We fumigate the wooden packages and have them degased.

    6. Do you do private labeling?
    Yes. We may apply private labeling and bar coding to the products you order. We can imprint your product number, your logo onto the products and the packages.