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Brand Name︰SHOOT
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
Model CNC-TUBE & PLATE-4000X6000
Frame structure Weld structure of box body
The transverse span 4000mm
Longitudinal length 8000mm
Effective cut width 2000mm
Effective cutting length 6000mm
Numerical control flame cutting Wuxi xiangzheng [1 set]
Automatic ignition system Wuxi xiangzheng [1 set]
Numerical control plasma cutting Western numerical control [1]
Plasma automatic arc pressure is high Shanghai Fang Ling
CNC cutting and lifting device [Sean made] 2 sets
Cutting way A fire first
Positioning accuracy of machine tool ≤±0.1mm
Machining accuracy of machine tool ≤±0.5mm
Orbit model 24KG/71Mn
Rack and modulus 1.5 modulus
Drive way Bilateral drive
Drive motor Antcott motor
Numerical control system Shanghai fangling series F2300 1 set
Nesting software PRONEST1 set
Lift drive mode Lead screw drive
The transmission way The gear and rack
Lateral slide rail Double axis guide rail
Plasma power supply Huayuan 100A power supply
Electric control part It was
Gas pipeline Ken knight
Solenoid valve yadok
Pipe cutter configuration
For cutting the pipe diameter Ф30~Ф300mm
Length of cut steel tube 6000mm
Work ellipticity ≤2%
Cutting speed 10mm~2000mm/MIN
The thickness of the cutting ≤25mm
Movement speed 0mm~10000mm/min
Machining accuracy of machine tool ≤±0.3mm
Number of control shaft Three axis
The main shaft of the steel pipe can be passed Ф≤50mm
CNC system Industrial real color @ phase line special control system (with set)
Control cabinet Sean manufacturing
Work station Sean manufacturing
The clamping device 3 jaw chuck
Driving longitudinally Ann doctor
Precision reduction gear Han, Fred
The machine arm system Independent research and development
Support brackets Form a complete set of special
guide Independent research and development of heavy rail
Lifting gear Electric screw lifting
Anti-wear drag chain The standard
Standard composite toolbox The standard
Maximum weight of single car (3 cars) 1T
technical indicators:
Maximum air speed 0-12000mm/min
Cut the torch up and down 150mm
Flame cutting material Carbon steel
Flame cutting thickness 10mm-200mm
Cutting thickness of flame perforation (single cutting torch) [CNC]≤70mm
Flame cutting speed 50-750mm/min
Plasma cutting thickness 120A/0-20mm
Plasma cutting speed 1000-8000mm/min
Standard of machine precision Conformity with JB/T5102-1999
Velocity error ±5%
Cutting roughness Ra≤12.5μm
working conditions:
The environment temperature -10℃~+40℃         
Relative humidity ≤95% No condensation
Peripheral environment Ventilation, no big impact
The power supply voltage 220V/3×380V±10V
Power frequency 50Hz
Input power (local part) 3-5KW
Flame cutting gas (to be determined before taking delivery) Oxygen + acetylene or oxygen + propane
Oxygen inlet pressure 0.8-1.0MPa                                             
Gas inlet pressure 0.04~0.06MPa
The oxygen purity More than 99.6%
Export Markets︰Europe,America,Middle-east,Asia,Africa
Payment Details︰T/T,L/C at sight,Western Union
Ship Date︰15days after receive 30% deposit
Standard Met︰CE
Product Image

1. CNC TUBE AND PLATE CUTTING MACHINE Video from Yantai Shoot Woodworking Machine Co., Ltd.

2. CNC TUBE AND PLATE CUTTING MACHINE Video from Yantai Shoot Woodworking Machine Co., Ltd.

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