• Heavy Duty Woodworking Auto Double-side Planer Machine, SHM610C
  • Heavy Duty Woodworking Auto Double-side Planer Machine, SHM610C
  • finished wood products
  • Option: Sprial Cutter Spindle

Heavy Duty Woodworking Auto Double-side Planer Machine, SHM610C

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US $ 9800 / pc

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1 pc

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Heavy Duty Woodworking Auto Double Side Planer Machine

1. SHM610C/SHM450C: Sprial Cutter Spindle,

                                         adjust feeding speed according to hardness of wood.

2. SHM610B/SHM450B: Spiral Cutter Spindle
3. SHM610A/SHM450A : Normal Straight Blade
Model SHM610C                  SHM610B                        SHM610A SHM450C                    SHM450B                    SHM450A
Max. working width(mm) 610 450
Max. working thickness(mm) 150 150
Min. working thickness(mm) 12 12
Min. working length(mm) 320 320
Cutter knife(pcs) SHM610C: 2x144  SHM610B/610A: 2x72 SHM450C: 2x72  SHM450B/450A: 2x52
Spindle rotation rate(r/min) 4500 4500
Feeding speed(m/min) SHM610C: 5-20  SHM610B/610A: 7-16 SHM450C: 5-20  SHM450B/450A: 7-16
Top spindle power(KW) 11 7.5
Bottom pindle power(KW) 7.5 5.5
Feeding motor power(KW) 2.2 2.2
Elevating motor power(KW) 0.37 0.37
Total power(KW) 21.07 15.57
Overall dimensions(mm) 2350x1268x1680 2350x1268x1680
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Specifications︰ Feature
The workbench surface is made of hard chrome plating, smooth and wear-resistant.
Model Cdouble- side planer equipped with heavy cut 15x15x2.5x37º 6PCS spiral cutter.
Digital input operation, easy to operate, backup electric lifting operation at the same time.
Back workbench active feed rollers ensure feeding smoothly.
The front platen of upper horizontal knife equipped with tracking system, no matter how much the wood processing amount it is, it can ensure feeding smoothly.
When the equipment is retrofitting short material guiding device: the shortest processing length is 150mm.
The lower horizontal knife shaft sets an axis limit, which can prevent dislocation after blade replacement.
The lifting system sets two-position switch to protect against stroke switch failure bashing the tool when it drops.
When the oil pump runs out of oil, the alarm lantern will automatically prompts, after refueling finished, the alarm lantern will turn off.
Feeding adopts stepless speed and the range is 0-20m.
The electrical appliances equipped with phase sequence protection, electrical appliances protection makes the device couldn't start when it picks the wrong positive & negative, you need to exchange the correct wiring before starting.
Export Markets︰ Asia,Africa,Middle-East,American, Europe
Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C at sight, Western Union
Ship Date︰ 20days after receiving 30% deposit
Standard Met︰ CE

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finished wood productsfinished wood products

Option: Sprial Cutter SpindleOption: Sprial Cutter Spindle

Video of Double Side Planer