Laser Wheel Alignment Machine, SH5800S

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Product Description

Laser wheel aligner
1.Laser obliquity sensor is adopted
2.At one time we can measure the following one by one :front and rear wheel toe-in, front and rear 
wheel camber,caster king pin,trust angle,set back and include angle.
3.Big screen of 17 ensure the clear show of the result.
4.The patent design of the machine box protects the computer and the sensor head from damage.
5.Ten-thousand measure data is available for vehicles made both at home and abroad.It’s 
convenient for the customers to input new data
6.The hang tack can be clipped conveniently with high mechanical accuracy.
7.The measurement of front setback can be shown directly on the screen
Model SH5800S
Measurement option Measuring accuracy Total Measuring range Temperature
Front  Toe ±1.5° ±2  -10°-45°
Rear  Toe ±1.5° ±2  -10°-45°
Total  Toe ±3° ±4  -10°-45°
Front  Camber ±5° ±2  -10°-45°
Rear  Camber ±5° ±2  -10°-45°
KPI ±20° ±4  -10°-45°
Castor ±20° ±4  -10°-45°
Thrust ±1.5° ±3  -10°-45°
Include  Angle ±20° ±4  -10°-45°
Setback ±1.5° ±2  -10°-45°

Export Markets︰ Europe,American,Africa,Asia,Middle-Ease
Payment Details︰ T/T or L/C at sight
Ship Date︰ 10 days after 30% deposit or L/C at sight
Standard Met︰ CE

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