SH-DN25 Series Program Controlled Torsion and Twist Machine,SH-DN25C

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Product Description

SH-DN25 Series Program Controlled Torsion and Twist Machine
Main Features:
1.      Manual setting and automatic repetition, guaranteeing the product processing homogeneity 
and reducing labor time and intensity.
2.      Spindle Speed uniform, bending coarse and ensure that the smaller profile,
the machine can play the most effective role in its function.
3.      It is easy to change the dies, only need several seconds.
4.      The max working ability is 25*25 square steel. And it can twist 4pcs φ12mm
round steel or 12*12mm square steel together.
5.      It can twist 200-800mm pretzel. If the length exceeds 800mm, we can twist the part by 
segmentation method. With high production efficiency, it can twist 600pcs of 12*12mm
square steel per hour.
Model SH-DN25C
Max Working Ability:  
Length 200~800mm
Specification ≤25mm×25mm
Twist Basket Material:  
Square Steel  
Round Steel  
Motor Performance 4KW 380V 50HZ
Enclosed dies 9 SETS
Packing Dimension 1400*620*1100
(L*W*H mm)  
N.W.(KG) 550
G.W.(KG) 600
The dies come with the machine:
1. 6 sets for square steel: 25×25、20×20、18×18、16×16、14×14、12×12.
2. 3 sets for flat iron: 30×8、20×6、16×5.

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