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Product Catalog 


CNC Boring Center Machine with Six Sides, SHCNC-6FSB2500

Model No.︰SHCNC-6FSB2500
Brand Name︰SHOOT
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 38000 / pic
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description
CNC Boring Center Machine with Six Sides
Model SHCNC-6FSB2500
Workpiece length 200-2500mm
Workpiece width 50-1200mm
Workpiece thickness 10-60mm
Pressing Group speed 80m/min
Y axis speed 75m/min.
Z axis speed 30m/min.
Cutter quantity vertical 12pcs + horizontal 2 group 4pcs
Drill chuck size 10mm
Overall size 5020x2530x2080mm
Total power 15.63kw
Work air pressure 0.6Mpa
System Delta
Rail and screw Taiwan
Drill bag Taiwan
Electrical SIEMENS


Product Advantage
1. No need to flip the board.
The equipment has six working parts (upper, lower, left, right, front and back) in six directions, so it can complete six working procedures (drilling, grooving, milling) in one time and consistently. It can save the time and manpower of traditional turning plate to the greatest extent. It can not only improve the production efficiency, but also reduce the power consumption of workers in production.
2. Intelligent sweep code
The device has intelligent scanner recognition and import of artificial intelligence system. When workers produce, they only need to scan the two-dimensional codes on the board, and the equipment can intelligently identify which part of the order is, and intelligently adapt the required processing system files to automatically import into the system. It can minimize order confusion and unnecessary plate loss caused by importing mismatched processing system files.
Dual Execution Mode
3. The device has dual execution mode. It can either directly execute command work with traditional programming mode or read and process system files to execute command work. When using the software, it is suggested to use the mode of reading files, which can save programming time to the greatest extent and improve production efficiency to a greater extent. Combining with the use of the software, it can effectively reduce the dependence on the programming technology level of workers, and is more conducive to meeting the needs of human resources for recruiting and new employees to quickly and skillfully take up their posts.
4. Larger processing area
This equipment supports the largest plate size of 4000mm x 1250mm, whether it is a noble floor wardrobe door panel, or a luxurious atmosphere cabinet cabinet, (drilling, grooving, milling round) and other processing processes are more skilled. With a vast processing area, it can meet the design needs of customized furniture designers.
5. More drill shafts
This equipment is equipped with luxurious configuration of double drill bags and has more drill shafts. The top drill contains 11 drill shafts and the bottom drill contains 6 drill shafts. Among them, there are 8 drill shafts in four positions (front, back, left and right), and 25 drills can be assembled at the same time. Even in the face of processing with various aperture sizes, it can be easily completed at one time without changing the drill bit (drilling, grooving, milling circle).
6. More stable accuracy
The equipment is equipped with intelligent side-leaning with rollers, intelligent lifting positioning system, movable supporting platform, air-floated bead supporting platform, etc. Intelligent double gripper is used to make the plate hold more steadily, locate more accurately and drag more smoothly. The above luxury configurations only pursue more stable accuracy, higher accuracy of hole spacing, higher natural efficiency and more handy furniture installation.


Hardware Configuration
Guide Taiwan Silver
Cylinder AirTAC
Server New generation
Integral Control Software Independent research and development of software
Industrial control New generation
Rack and pinion Foster
Multiaxial High Speed Drilling Bucket Taiwan Pu Deng
Low voltage electrical apparatus Schneider
High speed bearing Germany SKF
Flexible towline cable Germany CC
High Definition Display 17 inches
Photosensitive switch OMRON
Large Torsion Reducer Foster
Solenoid valve AirTAC


Export Markets︰Asia,Europe,African,middle-east
Payment Details︰T/T,L/C at sight, Western Union
Ship Date︰40days
Standard Met︰CE
Product Image

Video for CNC six sides boring machine from Yantai Shoot Woodworking Machine
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