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Universal Lathe Machine

  • Universal Lathe Machine
  • Universal Lathe Machine
  • Universal Lathe Machine
  • Universal Lathe Machine
  • Universal Lathe Machine
Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰SHOOT
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description
 The universal lathe
SH6240B SH6250B SH6256B SH6266B SH6276B SH6240C SH6250C SH6256C SH6266C SH6276C 
Performance Introduction  
   lathes are newly developed models on the basis of A series machines and there are A B C three options,which refers to spindle bore dia.of 52mm,82mm and 105mm.Higher spindle speeds and bigger spindle bore are available and machine appearance are more attractive, lathes can be used for cylindrical turning,endface turning,tapered face turning,and thread turning of metric,inch,module and diametrical thread,as well as drilling,reaming and Oil groove broaching.Themachine features in centralized control handle system and offer to engage different feeds and turn various threads without gearchanging.Longitudinal and cross feeding mechanism,as well as rapid traverse system are located in apron,it is accessidle for easy operating and offers high efficie hcy.Tailstock can be locked instantly with eccentric clamping device;load-relieving unit is built inside saddle so it can be moved easily and reduce wearing of guideway so to avoid "creeping";outside centralized lubricating system are adopted for headstock and gearbox so to prevent fabrications from distortion thus maintain high machining accuracy.Various accessories are available optional for customer's selection.
Main Specification Model SH6240/50/56/66/76B SH6240/50/56/66/76C
Max.swing over bed 400/500/560/660/760mm
Max.swing over carriage 230/290/350/440/540mm
Max.swing over gap 700mm 760mm 790mm 870mm 965mm
Width of gap 250mm
Max.length of workpiece                                                      1000/1500/2000/3000
Width of guideway 394mm
Spindle nose                                                                 D 8
Spindle speeds 26-2000rpm(16 STEPS) 23-1800rpm(SH6276B only) 26-1700rpm(16 STEPS) 23-1530rpm(SH6276C only)
Dia.of spindle bore 82mm 105mm
Taper bore of spindle bore 90/1:20 110/1:20
Longitudinal feed 0.044-1.48mm/rev
Cross feed 0.022-0.74mm/rev
Metric thread 0.35-80mm(53 or 77)
Whitworth thread 7/16-80tpi(47)
Module thread 0.2-40mm(45 or 66)
Diametrical pitch thread 7/8-160 DP(42) 
Max.travel of cross slide 348/348/348/355/355mm
Travel of taistock quill 150mm
Diameterof tailstock quill 75mm
Taper bore of tailstock quill M5
Main motor power 10HP(7.5kW)/15HP(11kW.OPTIONAL)

Packing & Weight
1000mm wooden case(mm):2850x1150x1900 Metal pallet(mm):2780x1120x1800
  N.W.(kgs):2100/2150/2200 G.W.(kgs):2670/2810/2860
1500mm wooden case(mm):3350x1150x1900 metal pallet(mm):3280x1120x1800
  N.W.(kgs):2150/2200/2250 G.W.(kgs):2950/3000/3050
2000mm wooden case(mm):3850x1150x1900 Metal pallet(mm):3780x1120x1800
  N.W.(kgs):2260/2310/2360/2600 G.W.(kgs):3170/3220/3270/3800
3000mm wooden case(mm):4580x1150x1900 metal pallet(mm):4780x1120x1800
  N.W.(kgs):3030/3080/3150/2800 G.W.(kgs):4010/4060/4110/4250
the designs and specifications are subject to modifications without prior notice
Standard accessories 1. 3-jaw chuck 8.Coolant system  
2.4-jaw chuck 9.Foot brake  
3.Face place 10.Oil gun  
4.Drive plate 11.Fixed center  
5.Steady rest 12.Center sleeve  
6.Follow rest 13.Tools  
7.Full length splash guard 14.Thread chasing dial  
  15.Halogen light  
Optional accessories 1.Chuck guard 5.Digital readout  
2.Tool post guard 6.Larger steady rest  
3.Quick change tool post 7.Larger follow rest  
4.Taper turning attachment 8.Rolling live center  





Specifications︰Packing & Weight

Export Markets︰Europe,American,Middle-east
Payment Details︰T/T,L/C
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