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Product Catalog 


Universal Lathe Machine

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰SHOOT
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description
NAME:The universal lathe of series CD       model B
Main Specification Model CD6145B CD6245B CD6156B CD6256B CD6166B CD6266B
Swing over bed 450mm 560mm 660mm
Swing over carraige 220mm 330mm 430mm
Swing over gap   700mm   810mm   910mm
width of gap   250mm   260mm   250mm
width of guideway 394mm
Dia.of spindle bore 82mm
Spindle nose and taper at the front of spindle D8(Cam lock)/C8(cartridge type) & (ø90) 1:20
Taper bore in center sleeve of spindle bore Morse No.5
Spindle speeds 16-1600 r/min
Longitudinal feed 0.054-2.842mm/rev
Cross feed 0.015-0.804mm/rev
Metric thread 0.5-120mm 
whitworth thread 0.25-60mm
Module thread 80-7/16tpi
Diametrical pitch thread 160-7/8DP
Circular pitch thread 1/16-21/2CP
Max.section of tool shank 25mm×25mm
Max.travel of top slide 150mm
Max.travel of cross slide 348mm 373mm
Pitch of longitudinal leadscrew 12mm
Travel of tailstock quill 150mm
Diameter of tailstock quill 75mm
Taper bore of tailstock quill Morse No.5
Main motor power 10HP(7.5kW)
Wooden box/pallet packing  750mm 2630x1480x1890/2580x1120x1800mm
  2150/2950kg 2200/3000kg 2250/3050kg
  1000mm 2880x1480x1890/2830x1120x1800mm
  2200/3000kg 2250/3050kg 2300/3100kg
Net/gross weight 1500mm 3380x1480x1890/3330x1120x1800mm
  2250/3050kg 2300/3100kg 2350/3150kg
  2000mm 3380x1480x1890/3830x1120x1800mm
  2360/3160kg 2410/3210kg 2460/3260kg
  3000mm 4480x1480x1890/4830x1120x1800mm
  2560/3360kg 2610/3410kg 2660/3460kg



Export Markets︰Europe,American,Middle-east
Payment Details︰T/T,L/C
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