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7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400

  • 7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400
  • 7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400
  • 7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400
  • 7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400
  • 7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400
  • 7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400
  • 7 Works Combine Woodworking Machine,SHC-400
Model No.︰SHC-400
Brand Name︰SHOOT
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 3600 / pic
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description
7 Works Combines Machine

Surface planer, thichness machine, spindle moulder, mortiser, circular saw, tenoning 

carriage, Sharpener. 
Pialla A filo Model SHC-400
Piani di lavoro Working tables 400x1750mm
Diametro albero porta-coltelli Cutterblock diameter 70mm
Velocità rotazione albero Cutterblock rotation speed 5700r.p.m
Numero dei coltelli N. of knifes
Dimensioni coltelli Knifes dimensions 400x20x3mm
Registr. max piani Max table adjustement 4mm
Pialla A Spessore Thicknesser  
Piano di lavoro Working table 400x760mm
Velocità avanzamento Feed speed 7m/1'
Passaggio legno max Max. working height 220mm
Passaggio legno min. Min. working height 4mm
Rotazione albero Cutterblock rotation speed 5700r.p.m
Spessore max. passata Max. cutting depth 5,5mm
Sega circolare Circular saw  
Piano di lavoro Working table 326x1112mm
Velocità di rotazione Shaft rotation speed 4500r.p.m.
Lama Blade diameter 300mm
Foro lama Blade bora diameter 30mm
Altezza max.taglio 90° Cutting height 90° 105mm
Passaggio max. fra lama e guida Max. distance between blade and fence 730mm
Lama inclinabile Blade inclination 45°
Altezza max.taglio 45° Max cutting height  45° 75mm
Velocità di incisore Shaft rotation speed engraver 7000r.p.m.
Incisore Engraver blade diameter 90mm
Foro incisore Engraver blade bora diameter 22mm
Cavatrice  Mortiser   
Piano di lavoro Working table 195x400mm
Corsa logitudinale Longitudinal stroke 180mm
Corsa trasversale Trasversal stroke 90mm
Corsa verticale Vertical stroke 80mm
Mandrino Churck  16mm
Rotazione mandrino Churck rotation speed 5700r.p.m
Toupie (Fresatrice verticale) Shaper   
Piani di lavoro Working tables 326x1112mm
Velocità di rotazione Shaft rotation speeds 7000/4400/3100/2000r.p.m.
Diametro albero standard Standard shaft diameter 30mm
Lunghezza albero Spindle length 105mm
Corsa verticale albero Shaft vertical stroke 115mm
Diametro max utensile Max. tool diameter 180mm
Profondità tenoni massima Max. tenoning depth 65mm
Carrello Tenoning carriage  
Dimesioni carro Carriage dimensions 1800x315mm
Corsa carrello Carriage stroke 2200mm
Dotazioni standard Standard accessories  
N°2 pressore a leva N°2 clamp lever *
Cuffia guida toupie Sharper fence *
Chiavi di servizio Service wrenches *
Mandrino cavatrice Mortiser chuck *
Controtelaio con supporto a bandiera Table extensions with swinging arms 800x600mm
Protezioni mandrino cavatrice Guards on mortiseur chuck *
N.3 coltelli per pialla 3 pcs. planing knives *
Guida pialla Planer guide  
Guida sega Saw guid  
Protezione pialla a filo ponte Bridge sefety hood on planer *
Potenza motori trifase 3-phase motor power 3,0 - 2,2HP - KW
Peso Weight  580kg
Accessori a richiesta Optiona accessories  
Motore monofase Single-phase motor 2,7 - 2,0HP-KW
Motore maggiorato trifase Increasing 3-phase motor 4,0 - 3,0HP-KW
Gruppo di aspirazione Extraction 0,5 - 0,36HP-KW

Coppia di ruote più timone 

per spostamento

Set of wheels with feeding steering bar *
Guida a contornare Contouring fence  
Dispositivo a copiare Regulating to copy  
Corsa carello Carriage stroke 2600
Export Markets︰Europe,American,Middle-east
Payment Details︰T/T,L/C at sight, Western Union
Ship Date︰30days
Standard Met︰CE
Product Image


1. Video of 45degree saw function

2. Video of 90degree saw function

3. Video of Drilling Function

4. Video of Milling Function

5. Video of Planer Function

6. Video of Planer Function

7. Video of Thicknesser Function

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